A Brief Explanation of Who I Am As to Educate You On Just Exactly Whos Words You Are Reading

It’s so nice to meet you! I’m glad to see you’re here on my page. Truly, I’m flattered. 🙂

My name is Kaitlyn Nicole. I’m a writer, a pianist, an origami-ist (??), and quite a few other things that I will not take the time to list here.

At least, not yet.

As much as I’d love to promise you a post everyday of the week 365 days a year, that is impossible. Look forward to less than that, but also look forward to quality over quantity.

A Few of My Writing Rules That You Might Find Handy to Take Notice of and Keep In Mind as Assurances While Reading My Writing

Rule Number 1; Finding curse words in beautiful writing is like digging into a big, tasty ice cream sundae and finding a dead cockroach. (Or worse. A live one.) Thus, my first and foremost rule is NO CURSE WORDS. ‘Cause insects ruin ice cream.

Rule Number 2; I dig long titles, but I won’t always punish you with them. The title above is painfully long. Please don’t think I do that constantly. (Only semi-constantly.)

Rule Number 3; … I don’t have many rules.


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